NestBorn®: On-farm hatching now accessible to all


During the VIV Europe 2018, the revolutionary on-farm hatching concept “NestBorn®” will be internationally launched. This innovation, with focus on broiler welfare and sustainability, makes on-farm hatching within reach for every farmer and every hatchery.

Nestborn® combines the benefits of on-farm hatching with the concept of early feeding. No stress from handling, no stress from transport and the chicks hatch in proximity of feed and water. Moreover, Nestborn® is the first concept in ‘on-farm hatching’ that can assure the hatchery as well as the farmers of real-time monitoring over the hatching process.

Achieving higher levels of chick and broiler welfare and a sustainable reduction of use of antibiotics, is becoming more and more important throughout the world. An early access to feed (“early feeding”), water, space and light for day-old chicks is becoming increasingly important for the society and for consumers and the concept of on-farm hatching responds perfectly to these different expectations. Furthermore, on-farm hatching has the additional advantage of a stress-free start-up phase for the day-old chicks, resulting in more robust birds with a higher immunity and a better intestinal health. A lower incidence of footpad lesions and lower utilization of antibiotics are a clear advantage of on-farm hatching with NestBorn®.

NestBorn® is widely applicable without need for specific installations or investments in the broiler house. Pre-hatched eggs are smartly and gently placed in a natural litter bed by the hatchery using a specially designed and developed machine. A unique “real-time” monitoring platform of the egg shell temperature in the broiler house allows that farmer and hatchery can team up in order to create optimal broiler house conditions and optimal performance of the hatching process. The small proportion of non-hatched eggs are removed from the broiler house and solutions are available to process them accordingly to applicable legislation.

NestBorn® will be present from 20-22 June 2018 at the VIV EUROPE in Utrecht in Hall 11 stand A059. For more information: