Poultry injections – selection of the adequate syringes


Injection syringes are common tools in poultry farms, where all know about the importance of protecting animal health to avoid potential economic consequences in case of disease outbreak.

Will any syringe work?

Animal health syringes are intended to inject accurate product doses, which must be the same from the first to the last animal. Due to the very broad syringe offer on the market, quality and reliability may vary drastically. As direct consequence, choosing a cheap syringe may impact the protection effectiveness of each poultry and the financial results of the farm.

Socorex Isba SA is a Swiss manufacturer of self-refilling injection syringes with spring-loaded plunger and three-way valve system. Simple conception, perfect hand balance and ergonomic design provide for ease of use, operator comfort and fatigue free fieldwork. Their known reliability guarantees optimal long term animal protection.

Benefits of superior syringes

Opting for a quality syringe is a long-term investment, but it pays back rapidly. From a safety point of view because all animals will be efficiently protected against diseases. From an economical point of view, there is no need to throw away syringes after use and permanently spend for buying new instruments. At the same time, their high reliability enables substantial savings on the rather expensive vaccines.

From consumer point of view, the meat quality may be improved thanks to the very precise doses injected to each animal. The trend goes clearly towards greater vaccine efficiency, requiring a smaller dose. At this stage Socorex is ready with its new ultra 1810 syringe line going down to 0.02 mL. There are four models up to 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 mL available so far and more models to come along the year.

Regarding maintenance, once the injection campaign is over, operator must rinse, clean, dry and disinfect the injection syringe. All Socorex syringes are made of few parts easily disassembled and cleaned. Parts are available separately to maintain the syringes in good working condition over a long period of time. This durability positively impacts on the environment through the reduction of generated plastic waste. Re-usable instruments are definitely a good solution for a safe and durable work.