Ross grows from strength to strength in Uzbekistan


Organized by Aviagen® Kft for its Ross® customers in Uzbekistan, a conference at the Wyndham Hotel, Tashkent, was greatly welcomed and was well received by those who attended.

“We had over 50 customers at the event, which gave us the opportunity to thank them for both their loyalty to Ross and for playing their part in the brand’s on-going growth in Uzbekistan,” says Boyko Dimitrov, Aviagen Kft’s regional business director. “This year we’ve placed a record number of orders — and the conference marked both this achievement and our dedication to customer support through knowledge-sharing and the provision of timely advice.”

Aviagen Kft speakers cover a wide range of topics
The speakers at the conference were all Aviagen Kft team members who consistently emphasized the performance potential of Ross birds – and after an introductory corporate presentation and market overview by Boyko Dimitrov, the audience heard a series of talks: Shukhrat Nuritdinov, sales and technical manager, discussed the brooding period, and Igor Zadravec, sales and technical manager, covered rearing periods, while a talk on male management was presented by Sales and Technical Manager Petro Kuretchko. There was also a lively discussion following a presentation entitled From Transfer to Production,” given by Marcel Janssen, regional technical manager.

A fast-growing market
“Uzbekistan is an exceptionally fast-growing market, and customers are seeing how Ross can help them achieve success,” says Boyko Dimitrov. “We owe a huge debt of thanks to our customers for their commitment to the Ross brand, and we’ll continue to serve their needs by providing first-class service and tailor-made after-sales support.” The conference was the third such event taking place in the country – and, commented Aviagen Kft customer Ravshan Bultakov, FH Navobod Naslli Parranda, “This was just the kind of seminar we needed – plenty of information relevant to our businesses, lots of support and encouragement from the Aviagen Kft team, and an invaluable opportunity to meet and network with fellow Ross farmers. I look forward very much to the next Aviagen Uzbekistan conference!”