Roxell builds new type of feed bins for EU market as per EN 1090

After an audit of the bin production process, Roxell was awarded the EN 1090 certificate of conformity

Roxell, the leading manufacturer in automatic feeding, drinking, heating and ventilation systems for poultry and pigs, is introducing two new types of feed bins, specifically for EU countries.
The new types of feed bins comply with European standard EN 1090 for the manufacture of metal structures. The new bins break down into two groups. For EU countries, the existing Roxell feed bin series, standard and static (static corresponded to wind zone 4 in Germany), will be replaced by:

  1.  EC3 feed bin series 26 m/sfor areas with an average wind speed of maximum 26 m/s – this type covers the majority of the EU
  2.  EC3 feed bin series 30 m/sfor areas with an average wind speed of maximum 30 m/s

The existing standard feed bin series will remain available for non-EU countries. The distinguishing features of the new EC3 feed bin series, 26 m/s and 30 m/s, include more robust legs and supports, compliance with the Eurocode 3 standards for strength and stability, and the use of certified raw materials from certified suppliers.

Focus on innovation and quality
The introduction of the 26m/s and 30 m/s EC3 feed bin series illustrates the sustainable path that Roxell will follow by focusing on innovation and quality. These product improvements resulted in Roxell being awarded the EN 1090 certificate of conformity. This certification involved an audit of the entire bin production process at Roxell. The audit was carried out by Kiwa, an independent certification body, and confirmed that Roxell’s production process and personnel training are carefully documented and controlled.
As a result, Roxell effortlessly obtained the ‘Certificate of Conformity of Factory Production Control 0620-CPR-93574/01’.