Roxell launches energy-efficient Shen-Turbo 100 space heater


Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automatic feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, is launching the Shen-Turbo 100, a space heater that generates more heat with 80,000 BTU/h of propane than similarly sized heaters on the market. The compact Shen-Turbo 100 is a new addition to Roxell’s range of convection heaters. Shen-Turbo provides a solution to a number of specific needs of pig and poultry farmers.

Heating for specific purposes
Pig farmers are not always willing to invest in heating solutions. Some farmers only heat the houses under certain circumstances, for example, during the first stage of the pigs’ growth. Poultry farmers in warm climates only need heating during the flock’s first week. In addition, sometimes farmers do not have space in their houses for an extensive heating system, or the house is too small for a larger unit. For these situations, Roxell has developed the high-performance and compact Shen-Turbo 100 heater.

Smaller size, high performance
The heater has an impressive air volume output and corresponding temperature increase. Tests show this new heater outperforms other market leaders on all fronts. The energy consumption with propane is 23 kW or 80,000 BTU/h, which is approximately 20% less than other similar models. Yet, this new Roxell heater produces outgoing air at a higher speed and temperature than the competition. This makes Shen-Turbo 100 an extremely economical and cost-effective solution.

Also, you can choose between a high setting, which provides a powerful heat output, or a lower setting, which is half the power. This enables you to save energy when you don’t need as much heat in your room.

Choice based on needs and budget
“This launch further expands our range of reliable convection heaters,” says Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell. “Our existing Shen-Turbo 250 with a 250,000 BTU/h output performs very well in projects where a constant need for heat or larger space requires more heat. The Shen-Turbo 100 is a high-performance and compact version of this heater, so the customer can choose either unit based on their needs and budget. The combination of heating results and energy consumption in this newcomer is simply unbeatable. Both convection systems strive towards the same goal: superior quality and results.”