Sicily – the star protagonist of 38th Festa FACCO

"Only a genuine connection to our worlds and to our people makes us global."

A glimpse of the great Sicilian theme in the company's headquarters.

On Friday August 30th, the traditional Facco corporate party, which this year celebrated its 38th year, was retold through the story of an extraordinary region, namely Sicily, where Facco has had a presence since the late 60s and where the company has developed relationships and important projects with all the poultry industry people in the area.

La Festa Facco

As is the tradition, every year the Facco festival is dedicated to a country or a region in which the company operates. The concept being to share and explore the characteristics and peculiarities of that region, one over the 70 countries in which Facco operates, and to gather all those people together in order to collaborate in a joyous occasion.
So this year the focus was all on Sicily, because in this region poultry farming has historically played a key role for Facco.
“Each year we focus on a country or a region – stated company president Massimo Finco – where Facco over time has taken root. We want to communicate to everyone the concept that we are not here just to sell something to someone, but over time we seek to become good traveling companions for people within the poultry industry, and to have respect for so many people, we need therefore to know and understand their customs, traditions, and their wishes and needs. To have for them the answers they seek, the attention, the sensitivity and the kindness they deserve. So this party must also help to open communication channels, create bridges and give us awareness that we, here in our Marsango headquarters, are nobodies if we are not connected to our global world.”
An effervescent evening, full of surprises and danceable music with the group, Sicily in our Heart delighting attendees with typical songs, music and tales of a land rich in history. It was a setting characterized with the local flavour of citrus fruits, dried fruit and spices all presented on trolleys carts and followed by a majolica gift to the Facco people as a souvenir of the evening. A Photo booth for a themed photo and, not to forget the children who had a dedicated inflatable area and child’s make-up area.
Obviously all Sicilian menus are a journey of flavours, from citrus to traditional pasta, from arancini to caponata, to desserts, all in a blaze of imagination and colours thanks to the participants of the themed cake competition. The party ended with songs and dances in the traditional joy of achievement now indispensable within the company coupled with time to award the winners of drawing competitions for children and cake making for adults, with many gifts to surprise all the “grand” family Facco.

Festa Facco 2019 – the whole FINCO family.

The focus of president Massimo during his speech, in which he reflected on the issue of generational change, was to highlight what his company and some of their customers and suppliers are going through: “The challenge we have is represented by the delicate and precious connection between old and young, between competent and innovator, between creative and operative. The ability to make it work requires attention, dedication and trust in our people, always transmitting the values ​​that have accompanied us on the journey, knowing how to renew and strengthen them over time.”
On stage with him were three generations of the Finco family, all involved in the company, demonstrating a positive symbol of the importance of direct involvement coupled with the great enthusiasm and energy at all age groups.
At the event there were about 500 guests including the Facco staff with their families, collaborators and suppliers, along with some customers, in particular the Laversa family, also represented by three generations, Quaresima, Brunello and Martelli, in a sort, as one might say, of twinning between Sicily and Veneto, where the common ingredient is always eggs, people and family, united by professional values, values which have made these long-lived relationships possible.

Source: Facco Press