VDL Agrotech drying technology at Eurotier 2018


VDL Agrotech, a leading supplier of innovative livestock equipment, will feature its innovative equipment at the Eurotier Show 2018, in Hanover, Germany, from November 13-16, 2018 in hall 17, Booth F35.

VDL Agrotech’s PoulDry® Drying System is originally designed to dry poultry manure, offering valuable reductions in issues like ammonia emissions, fine dust emission (by 55%), shipping volume and costs, and the dispersal of flies and other insects. Apart from drying manure, the system is perfectly suited to dry substances like digestate, potato wedges or woodchips in biogas and industrial environments, due to its high-quality steel construction. The PoulDry system can be configured to create the optimized fit for the farm, offering 2, 4 or 6 levels in various lengths, depending on the preferred drying surface and loading capacity.

In poultry houses the house ventilation air can often be used to ventilate the manure, keeping the power consumption low. High-pressure fans force poultry house ventilation air through the perforated steel plates, drying the manure within two days from 30% DM to 85% DM.

The system can also be used stand-alone in a central manure storage facility, e.g. in climates where ambient air is sufficiently warm to use. When required, additional heat can be added by means of a waste heat source, a biomass burner or gasifier.

VDL Agrotech’s Pig Equipment includes product groups such as feeding and drinking systems, housing equipment, feed storage, climate management, and automation control. On display are the VDL600 circular tube feeding system, the new corner drive unit and innovations for the RescueCare™ system for Piglets.

The new compact Corner Drive Unit VDL500/600 is specially designed for shorter tube feeding circuits. The attractive price and the advantage of leaving out one corner per circuit makes the unit a smart alternative in the shorter circuits. The full stainless steel drive unit reflects the same high quality as the well-known VDL500/600 drive unit. When mounted at the end of the circuit, the end sensor in the drive unit has the additional advantage that return feed is immediately detected.

The RescueCare™ automated feeding system for piglets is a proven solution that enables pig farmers to meet the piglets feed requirements up to weaning. The specialized, automated equipment provides fresh liquid feed 24 hours a day. This enables farmers to raise heavier and more uniform litters and piglets that are well prepared for weaning, with limited labour involved. VDL Agrotech will show new developments such as an automated cleaning module for this system.