Roxell is expanding the range of MiniMax™ feeder pans


Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automated feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, is expanding its range of MiniMax™ feeder pans. Roxell’s round feeder pan for broilers is now modular, which means we can offer four different versions of the MiniMax. The best pan composition can be determined by asking the following questions:

– At what age do you think chicks should stop stepping into the pan to eat?

– What end weight are you aiming for with your broilers?

– What type of floor will your feeding system be used on?

The result is a MiniMax feeder pan that is adapted to the preferences and practices of each poultry farmer. The feeder pan therefore helps poultry farmers to grow more efficiently.

Cost-effective way to grow broilers

For 35 years the MiniMax feeder pan has set the standard for optimal feed intake for broilers. This is due to the patented design: a stepped bottom pan with a special anti-waste edge. Both features improve the chickens’ feed intake and prevent spillage because feed cannot fall over the edge of the pan. The wings in the pan mark out a pecking zone, which means each broiler will eat out of its own compartment and cannot eat selectively. Each animal therefore receives the correct composition of feed to ensure consistent growth in the group.

The low height – 60 mm or 2.36”– means that the pan is suitable for day-old chicks and you do not need to supply an extra source of food in the house. From day one, the chicks can see the feed and climb effortlessly into the pan. This guarantees the best start. The bottom pan is now also available in two volumes:

  • a shallow pan with a standard feed capacity that is perfect for broilers up to 3 kg
  • a double capacity pan for chickens with a heavier end weight. A benefit of opting for theextra feed capacity is that the pan is only 0.5 cm (or 0.2”) higher than the shallow version.

Results show that the base of the MiniMax pans buries easily into the litter, which lowers the step into the pan even more.

The feed flow occurs according to a 360° principle, meaning that the pan fills consistently and evenly across the entire surface area. By adjusting the feed volume, you can provide the right amount of feed. Your broilers will therefore reach their end weights in a cost-effective way and you will use precisely as much feed as you need.

Easy management of the MiniMax feeding system

Managing the feeding system is quick and easy to manage, day after day. The size of the feed opening can be adjusted to the type of feed. There are three feed settings for adjusting the feed volume during a flock. With the control pan at the end of the feeding line, the feeding system can work fully autonomously and precisely. When the minimum or maximum level is reached, the pan sends feedback, which starts or stops the feed flow. The feed level in the control pan can be influenced with an LED light that attracts chickens to the end of the feeding line. The automatic MiniMax feeding system is reliable, without requiring any intervention from the poultry farmer.

You can save time with the two patented cleaning functions:

  • The pan rotates automatically when you use a pressure washer, which means you can reach all corners of the pan without any extra effort.
  • If you opt for the extra cleaning option, you can also open the top cap of the pan, so you can clean all the internal components such as the inner cone, without getting water in the feeding tube. 

The bottom pan, made of flexible plastic, can be removed from the base with a simple click so it can be cleaned manually. Due to the robust design of this mechanism, the pan will never unintentionally come loose from the base. Save time and money when performing thorough maintenance and start on a new flock quicker than ever before with the MiniMax.

Modular: preferences determine the combination of components

“The approaches and needs of broiler companies are becoming ever more diverse. This is why Roxell has expanded its range of pans even further,” says Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell. “MiniMax already had an extensive set of functionalities and now we have added the modular structure to that. Specifically, you can choose to combine the MiniMax grill with either 10 or 14 feed openings with a shallow or deep bottom pan.”

Two examples:

  • By opting for the grill with 14 feed openings, chicks will stop eating in the pan at an earlier stage. The grill with 10 openings has extra wide access. In this case, the chicks will take longer to stop eating in the pan. For heavy broilers you can combine the grill with a deep bottom pan with extra volume.
  • On a house floor where litter is used, the special base buries itself deeper into the floor. That is not possible on slatted floors, however, for heavy broilers you can create a lower and wider entry with the shallow pan and the grill with 10 extra wide feed openings.

“These are just a few examples, but the preferences of the poultry farmer will determine the combination of components in the MiniMax pan. Roxell also offers new solutions for specific situations.”

View the new options in detail on Roxell’s website.