Baltic poultry producer keeps up trend of stellar performance


PF Kekava, Latvia’s only integrated poultry company and a valued Aviagen® Kft Ross® customer, continues to climb the ladder of performance excellence. 

Over the past years, the company has seen steady improvement in key performance indicators such as feed conversion ratio (FCR), growth rate and European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF). Kekava was welcomed into the Ross400 Club five years ago, and in July 2020 – 17 of its farms reached an average EPEF of 421, and to award their consistency in excellence, Aviagen Kft will present a certificate of achievement (as soon as the restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic are lifted).  

Balázs Takács, General Manager of Aviagen Kft, explains that Kekava’s accomplishments can be attributed to hard work, commitment and exceptional management skill. “It is an honor to work with Kekava, and I’m truly impressed by their growth and success. Their results tell of the progress and diligence of Kekava in maximising the poultry genetic potential of the Ross 308 bird.”

Saulius Petkevičius, member of the Kekava Board, attributes the ongoing improvement to the teamwork and motivation of his people, as well as the company’s investment in and dedication to biosecurity and poultry health and welfare. “The nature of our company, with a full production cycle from grain to fork, gives us a definite advantage in traceability of all the processes, which are dedicated to healthy birds. We were the first company in the region to raise our poultry flocks without antibiotics, and for over a year 100% of our flocks have been healthy and not required treatment.”

Ķekava (JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava) is a part of Linas Agro Group, one of the biggest agro holdings in the Baltics, produces 35 000 Tons of meat in Latvia. With more than 50 years of industry experience, Ķekava is a full-cycle poultry production company: chickens are bred, and meat products are manufactured at Ķekava. The company currently employs 1,100 people and produces more than 240 different poultry local products.
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