After 40 years in the French marketplace AZA International still astonishing

Mr. Paolo Pandolfi, Export Manager at AZA International

In Rennes, September past, the SPACE show was held and it continues to be one of the most important trade fairs dedicated to the livestock industry.

Among the many exhibitors one could not miss the presence of AZA International, an Italian company, which for over 50 years, has been a leader in the production of automatic feeding and feed distribution systems.

The excellent quality, reliability and the technical response to market demands demonstrated by the AZA product range, is the reason that their equipment can be found in use on farms owned by the most important producers both nationally and internationally.
At the SPACE show, AZA International exhibited their wide range of feeding systems designed to meet the differing feeding needs of broilers to breeders flocks and from laying hens to turkeys.
On their exhibition stand we met with Mr. Paolo Pandolfi, Export Manager at AZA International who showed us two new products from their range, which are designed to meet the needs of an evolving and increasingly technical marketplace.

Can you please explain the reason for your company’s participation at SPACE Rennes?

We decided to exhibit at this trade show to increase our contacts in France and, more broadly, also in the North Africa region to exhibit our new MIXTA feeding system. This system is already widely used in countries such as Algeria and Morocco and also in the Brittany region where many producers operate mixed growing cycles alternating chicken flocks with flocks of turkeys.
The MIXTA feed pan, in addition to the design features which ensure excellent food intake for the birds, also features automatic feed level setting for all ages. The feed pans can be opened instantaneously to allow quick and complete cleaning of all interior and exterior component parts. The system provides automatic feed level settings from chick to adult thanks to the tried and tested window openings as it is designed to provide a choice of six different feed levels.
The anti waste ring, used during the transition from the first to the second growing phase can be mounted and dismantled quickly without the need for screws or tools. It is also securely fixed to withstand any impact.
The optimum depth of the feed pan ensures birds can easily access the feed from day old and do not try to enter the feed pan. The top part of the feed pan is made from flexible rubber material which withstands impact and causes no bird damage.
We started installing MIXTA feeding systems to various growing operation in Brittany and Morocco and we can report excellent final results and satisfaction from these first customers

The other AZA International product on display at SPACE was the SELF-DOSY a sturdy feed pan for breeder males.

This product was developed to satisfy the diverse and specific needs of growers. With the SELF-DOSY equipment it is possible to distribute feed simultaneously to all the feed pans throughout the line.
The SELF-DOSY system incorporates an innovative volumetric feed dispenser with centralised control that allows specific amounts of feed to be accurately and simultaneously distributed across the line with the amount per pan being determined by the age of the breeder males. There is therefore no need for fast or high capacity distribution systems nor does the grower need to raise or lower the line for the filling and distribution of feed and neither is there a need for a weighing scale. Everything is handled by the SELF-DOSY dispenser system.
Like all our feed lines, the SELF-DOSY is easy to clean; the bottom of the pan is easy to remove which allows for a convenient and complete cleaning of all the internal parts

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