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In the poultry industry one of the most widespread ectoparasites is certainly Dermanyssus gallinae, better known as Red Chicken Mite (Red Acarus).

Worldwide the spread of Dermanyssus gallinae seems to go unchallenged, probably due to intensive farm management. In Italy, for example, poultry farms infested with red mites seem to be more than 80% while in other countries the percentages are far from enviable.

Dermanyssus gallinae
The Dermanyssus gallinae spends most of the time away from the host taking refuge in the joints of the cages and underneath the feeders and perches. They climb out at night when the birds are lying down, and therefore more vulnerable, to attack them en masse to obtain their much desired “blood meal”, which is indispensable to the females for the maturation of the eggs they carry in their womb. This mite biting at first causes disturbance and itching to birds and, consequently, induces a chronic condition of stress that inevitably results in anaemia, reduced appetite and weight, resulting in a decrease in productive performance. The altered physiology of the birds, if not positively reversed, results in a egg production decrease of 10 to 15% and also an increase in the embryo mortality in hatching eggs and a decrease in both the size and weight of table eggs.
Among the most prominent features of these parasites is their ability to survive fasting for prolonged periods of time and the speed with which their biological cycle is completed. In about ten days or so, the mite completes its development and then, after mating, lays a substantial number of eggs ready to hatch. The high temperature and relative humidity present in poultry sheds, although considerably controlled by modern air conditioning systems, are among the main parameters that favour the development of the parasite.

Baggy®, a very balanced sanitizing formula
It is necessary to intervene promptly and in a targeted manner against this most important scourge for the poultry sector. A substantial contribution in the fight against this parasite is provided by Baggy®, a very balanced sanitizing formulation, able to directly and deeply attack the nesting points of the mites, even in the most hidden of locations. Eliminating them and sanitizing the treated surfaces increases the overall level of bio-security. Diluted in water and applied uniformly, Baggy® acts in a very short period of time removing all the dirty material gathered by the mites in order to build their nests and establish their colonies. After only a few hours following application of Baggy® the mites end up losing contact with the surfaces and the surfaces appear visibly sanitized. Before being launched onto the European and world markets, the effectiveness and safety of Baggy® has been tested and approved by the most accredited institutes in the poultry sector and has been accredited with the title of “ideal” product in the fight against red chicken mite throughout the entire production cycle while fully respecting bird welfare, food safety and the environment.

InsectoSec® – the biological solution
Deprived of their ideal habitat, the few mites that survive the shock of the Baggy® can definitively be eliminated by the use of InsectoSec® the first completely organic formulation, based on the ingredient Diatomaceous Earth, to have obtained registration for use. The presence of Diatomaceous Earth creates a mechanical action which puts pressure on the thin cuticle of the parasites resulting in the cuticle becoming completely torn. When seeking lasting protection one must, by necessity, invest in this approach as diatomaceous earth is an ingredient that is not subject to degradation as are conventional acaricides. In the continuing intensive struggle against parasites in today’s poultry farms the application of InsectoSec®, the first dry powder registered for acaricidal and insecticidal use, gives longer lasting residual coverage. The dehydration of pollen parasites occurs in a very short time and there are no risks to the health of the birds nor to production.

As mentioned, lice pollen can spend long periods fasting, hidden in the most obscure parts of the cages, coming out only to accumulate nesting material or to reproduce. In this scenario, the positive residual benefits of InsectoSec® represents the keystone to definitively combating the entire acarina population by leaving no opportunity for the parasites to escape unscathed by waiting for the inevitable degradation of chemical substances. InsectoSec® can be applied in powder form to all surfaces using normal pulverizers, or it can be safely diluted in water and sprayed onto surfaces using the innovative and revolutionary Vector-Avi®Evo spraying equipment.

The combined action of Baggy® and InsectoSec® is today the most effective and safest strategy for the poultry industry and consumers, with tangible benefits both in the short and long term. First Baggy® snares the parasites, consecutively InsectoSec® eliminates them definitively, thereby giving farms a long term defence against this serious problem.

Vector-Avi®Evo – application technology that optimizes time and effectiveness!
In addition to specific products for the direct fight against red mite and for sanitizing the environment, Newpharm® also offers cutting-edge and effective technologies and equipment for a total and deep dis-infestation of equipment and buildings. Outstanding within this range of products is the Vector-Avi®Evo innovative equipment for spraying acaricide formulations, developed entirely by Newpharm® after taking advantage of the experience gained by collaborating with professionals in the fields of pest control and disinfection.
Improved further from the previous Vector-Avi®Evo the current Vector-Avi®Evo represents versatility, optimization of time and unsurpassed applications for both liquid and powdery formulations. The machine is equipped with two vertical bars with telescopic adjustment (a solution also adopted in the nautical field) and has directional cone nozzles, for maximum precision and flexibility during each operation. Vector-Avi®Evo, thanks to its design features, adapts to all situations and structures and easily reaches even the highest cages, with maximum penetration and optimization of application times.

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