Aviagen LLC honors Arbor Acres broiler breeders customers


Arbor Acres® broiler breeder customers throughout Russia continue to shine, and now, Aviagen® LLC has debuted a Farm-of-the-Yearcontest to recognize their stellar performance. The competition gained instant popularity with producers aspiring to show others what can be achieved with the Arbor Acres breed when expert stockmanship is combined with the application of the latest management practices, hard work, and dedication. 

Hats off to the winners

First place in the Farm-of-the-Year competition went to Agrocomplex, who reached an impressive breeder performance of 152.1 chicks per hen housed at 60 weeks. Second and third places were won by Sayansky Broiler LLC and Amursky Broiler, respectively.

Aviagen LLC Sales Manager Vladimir Pankratov extended his congratulations and appreciation to the winners on behalf of his entire team. “Despite the uncertainty of the current moment – the world pandemic and its consequences for life and work – these high achievers prevailed in delivering best-in-class broiler breeders performance. They have demonstrated that the Arbor Acres broiler breed can deliver top efficiency and performance in different growing conditions. I am convinced that 2021 contestants will continue to improve and shine.”