Breeder Feed and Nutritional Guidelines available to download in other languages


For optimum breeder performance, both males and females must achieve adequate physiological development and follow the breed body-weight standards through rear and lay. This is particularly important in rear as it is well established that growth during the rearing period affects peak production and later persistency. During the production period both males and females must be fed diets which support body condition and reproductive function. 

Aviagen Turkeys Ltd (ATL) has produced three feed and nutrition guidelines which are now downloadable from the website. 

Available to download:

  1. Breeder Guidelines: Nutrition Specification Feed and nutrition guidelines apply to B.U.T. & Nicholas breeds.
  2. Breeder Guidelines: Vitamins & Trace Minerals Guideline levels of vitamin and trace minerals are provided to support breeder performance and poult viability. 
  3. Breeder Guidelines: Feed Form Feed presentation on the farm needs to encourage efficient feed intake by the bird. The physical quality of the feed should meet the standards shown in these guidelines to ensure the feed presented at the feeder are suitable for the turkeys to readily consume.  

ATL’s nutritionist will be happy to advise on feeding programmes if these guidelines are considered unsuitable due to local conditions and ingredient availability. 

Languages available to download are English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.