Cobb Asia Champion awards presented to Tyson China and Shandong Fengxiang

Shandong- Fengxiang

Cobb Asia collects breeder performance data to benchmark customer results in four areas: egg production, hatchability, chicks per hen housed and life of flock/hen mortality. Tyson Foods China was recently presented a Champion award for achieving 144.6 chicks per hen housed at 65 weeks on average in 2017. Their highest individual flock performance was 155.0 chicks per hen housed at 65 weeks.

Tyson live production director Mr. Dylan Wang said he appreciated the recognition as a top producer.

This performance could not have happened if we did not have quality parent stock supply from Cobb China. I would like to thank our breeder and hatchery teams for their outstanding work flock after flock,” Wang said.

Tyson Foods China

Customer Shandong Fengxiang averaged 144.1 chicks at 65 weeks in 2017 and also received a Champion award. “We entered a strategic partnership with Cobb China and it was one of the best decisions we made. Cobb has been very supportive in technical service and product supply. We hope to further strengthen our partnership with Cobb China in the future,” said Mr. Wang Jinsheng, Shandong Fengxiang general manager.

We are pleased to present Cobb Champion Awards to Tyson Foods China and Shandong Fengxiang Group, where our Cobb flocks consistently produce at a high level,” said Pelayo Casanovas, Cobb Asia general manager. “It takes attention to detail to make everything right to achieve this exceptional performance. The two companies are setting new standards for our industry in China and beyond and I congratulate them for a job well done.

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