Roxell launches Oxsano™ tunnel fan in fiberglass with innovative motor


Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automated feeding, drinking, nesting and heating systems, launches the Oxsano™ variable speed tunnel fan in fiberglass. This is because the growth stages of chickens and changing weather conditions require flexible ventilation that can handle variation. You will now find the perfect answer with Roxell’s variable speed tunnel fan because it provides tailor-made ventilation. 

This motor technology is innovative and very promising, linking high energy efficiency to a stable, healthy and animal-friendly house climate. In addition, the direct driven fan blade ensures worry-free operation every day for many years. This approach also requires fewer parts, resulting in a simpler and more durable design. The life of this tunnel fan is increased by the use of fiberglass that prevents rust formation.

Taylor-made tunnel fan with high capacity

In the Oxsano tunnel fan, performance starts with the aerodynamic design and a uniquely shaped fan blade. This design, complete with innovative motor, achieved a top ranking in the Bess lab tests. This tunnel fan is among the most powerful on the market with an airflow of 30 300 CFM* and an efficiency ratio of 20 CFM/watt (at 10” static pressure – Bess Lab test n° 21281 and 21285). The Oxsano fan is therefore registered as a 55 inch fan with a high capacity.

Variable speed is made possible by the speed controller in the motor. The fan then runs according to the actual need and the energy consumption decreases. The transition between ventilation levels is also seamless, which is good for the well-being of the animals in the house. In addition, a direct drive is the most efficient method of running a motor. After all, you don’t lose any power compared to belt-driven motors.

The black color of the cone and butterfly doors promotes the spread of the animals in the house because the outside light is not reflected.

Reliable, corrosion-resistant, durable tunnel fan

The material used and the motor determine the life of a fan. That is why the Oxsano tunnel fan uses fiberglass or galvanized steel with powder coating (fan blade) in all crucial places (cone, butterfly doors, etc.) so that rust does not stand a chance. A soft start and stop function also protects the motor, making it last longer. 

Minimal maintenance, easy to clean

The variable operation at lower speeds makes these tunnel fans not only quieter but also less sensitive to maintenance. The lack of the belt drive eliminates another important cause for maintenance. The electronic components are housed in the IP65 protected motor, which protects them from dust and water.

Variable speed controllers for a durable ventilation solution

“A very effective way to cool a chicken’s body is to move air,” said Frank Hartmann, Marketing Manager at Roxell. “In a house, you create that optimal “wind chill effect” with high-capacity tunnel fans. But there is also an increasing awareness of the energy costs of ventilation. For an energy-conscious poultry farmer, variable speed ventilation is therefore a logical next step. An engine that adjusts the speed to the required load will consume much less energy. The Bess lab figures for this Oxsano tunnel fan are excellent proof that high capacity and efficiency can be perfectly combined.”

The full list of features that make this Oxsano tunnel fan high-performing, durable and easy to maintain can be found on the Roxell website.

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