Expansion for Jamesway with a New Agent in China


The enormous potential offered by the markets of China has captured the attention of the world. Jamesway Incubator Company has had a regional office in Beijing for many years, and it is with great enthusiasm that they now welcome a new agent to help represent the new growth in the Chinese poultry market.

CNEEC is an international engineering corporation, a division of China Machinery Engineering Corporation, who has been part of the poultry world in China for over 20 years. Through combined expertise and experiences among the partners, CNEEC has accomplished some milestone projects in China, being either an EPC general contractor or a package provider for customers in China, which include layer pullet farms, layer farms, broiler farms, and broiler breeder projects.

CNEEC believes that Jamesway is an important link of the chain to expand their existing poultry businesses around World. For Jamesway, the deep connections of CNEEC within the industry will be part of a perfect fit, as their footprint in China continues to expand.

Jamesway’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Christian Jordan says that: “CNEEC has the depth of knowledge and experience that will be a great compliment to our robust machines. We believe that offering quality machines to the Chinese market, combined with great service and support, is part of our complete package and is our differentiator. This partnership is part of that development”.

Website: www.cneec.com.cn

Email: Arint Zhang zhangwen@cneec.com.cn

Phone: +86186 1628 8904