First-ever nutrition School for Aviagen Anadolu highlights poultry health and feed efficiency


Aviagen® Anadolu was pleased to welcome customers, including 10 feed mill and breeder farm managers, to its first Poultry Nutrition School, which was held in Kemalpaşa, İzmir.

Attendees discussed how to leverage good nutrition to maximize flock health and feed efficiency. Optimizing feed efficiency can have a major impact on the bottom line of poultry growers, as feed represents nearly 70 percent of production costs. Therefore, the training focused on helping customers reach the highest understanding of nutrition and efficiency for their breeder and broiler diets.
To give students the best learning experience, theoretical sessions were reinforced by hands-on training, including a visit to a feed mill.
Lessons were presented by Aviagen Nutritionist Adam Sacranie, who delved into the influence of pellet quality on broiler performance, along with Feed Mill Manufacturing Specialist John Broomhead, who further explained the main influencers on pellet quality and also spoke on feed mill efficiency.
Africa Fernández Gutiérrez, senior technical operations manager, remarked: “At Aviagen Anadolu, our customers always come first, and our number one goal is to strengthen the success of their businesses and the health of their birds, particularly in areas such as gut health. Since feed is such an important aspect of profitability, pellet texture and its effect on good digestion, and improving knowledge in manufacturing were among the major topics explored.
Sinan Kıtay, Aviagen Anadolu technical manager, added, “We were happy to see students making the intended connections between optimizing the texture and form of feed, feed efficiency performance. It was also rewarding to see the high level of teamwork and engagement among the group.
Likewise, students commented on the usefulness of the Nutrition School.
Alper Şinik of Banvit stated: “The format of the School made for a great learning environment, with a good mix of quality presentations and hands-on training.
Semra Güder from Beypiliç added: “Because the speakers had in-depth knowledge on the topics presented, we were able to gain knowledge that is very relevant for improving our flock nutrition, feed efficiency and the intimate setting made it easy to ask questions and offer ideas.
Kadir Küreci, representing Şenpliç, stated: “I can truly say that Ill be able to immediately start putting into practice the tips on nutrition and feed efficiency at my farm back home.
Yahya Açıkyürek, working for Emrepiliç, mentioned: “Considering the importance of the physical quality of feed, the training was helpful. It was especially interesting to study gizzard development and the physical feed structure according to bird age to support digestive and immune systems for e better feed efficiency.