Georgia Poultry launches New Infinity Fan Line at IPPE


Georgia Poultry’s Infinity Fans utilize advanced motor technology to lower energy costs, improve speed control, and reduce maintenance.

Built on the rugged AirStorm X-Brace platform, Georgia Poultry’s Infinity fan line incorporates advanced motor technology. Brushless DC motors utilize integrated electronics to convert AC power to DC, calculate the house controller signal, and control fan speed by regulating the power to the motor.
The design offers maximum flexibility while maintaining a simple to use and set up system. No smartphones, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi is required. The Infinity drive can integrate with most all controllers with variable outputs as it provides a selectable input of either 0-10V or 10-0V. Additionally, the Infinity drive has been designed to operate independent of a controller with a variable output.

Infinity fans offer several significant advantages

Precise variable speed output. Upon receiving a signal from the house controller, the motor microprocessor determines the correct speed for the desired ventilation rate. It continues to monitor the shaft RPMs and adjust the power inputs to maintain the right speed.
Reduced maintenance. The direct-drive motor eliminates shaft bearings, pulley, and belts: no more costly and time-consuming repairs and adjustments.
Lower energy costs. At full load, the Infinity motor is more efficient than conventional AC motors. The Infinity motor maintains its high efficiency even with lower fan speeds.
Extended motor life. Infinity motors operate at cooler temperatures than comparable voltage-controlled AC motors, even at slower speeds. High operating temperatures are one of the leading causes of motor failure.
Fewer fans. Because of the Infinity fan’s ability to operate effectively at lower airflow rates, minimum ventilation rates are met without using smaller, less efficient fans.

“During the design process special consideration was taken to ensure maximum adaptability and the result was a product with one-part number and multiple application uses” says Ventilation Engineer Tyler Marion. “Every single Infinity fan can be set up to operate on a control signal at any max speed the user requires. The same unit also has the ability to operate on any of the 3 fixed speed settings. All of this was done to provide the simplest solution to the end user; one-part number, infinite possibilities.”

Get a closer look at Georgia Poultry’s Infinity Fan at the IPPE, January 28-30 in Atlanta, Georgia Hall C Booth #9911.

Source: Georgia Poultry