Indian River enters market in Nepal


Aviagen Asia and new Indian River distributor P.B. Poultry will work together to strengthen success of poultry producers in Nepal.

P.B. Poultry (P) Ltd. has become the new distributor of Indian River® Parent Stock to broiler breeders in Nepal, marking Indian River’s entry into the Nepal market. The company debuted Aviagen®’s Indian River brand at the Nepal Poultry International Expo 2020, the country’s premier poultry show, which took place Feb. 28 – March 1 in Bharatpur, Nepal. At a P.B. Poultry event during the show, Indian River experts shared their knowledge on breeder sustainability; flock management for optimum performance, health and welfare; and brooding essentials.

Indian River is already gaining in popularity, as farmers across Nepal recognize the bird’s excellent reproductive performance as a breeder balanced with high productivity as a broiler.

“Indian River is the right bird to truly make a difference to the market in Nepal,” remarked Dr. Serene Amatya, Executive Chairperson of P.B. Poultry. “Favorable traits such as high chick output, environmental resilience, livability, healthy growth rate, and good feed conversion will help to promote the success of our growers throughout the country.”

Dr. Rafael Monleon, Business Manager for Aviagen Asia Pacific added that his company’s strategy is to deliver high-performance breeding stock that is specifically tailored to unique market needs. “We’re proud to have P.B. Poultry as our valued distributor dedicated to producers in Nepal. We consider our distributors part of our Aviagen team, and look forward to sharing knowledge and expertise to help customers maximize the performance, health and welfare of their birds and productivity of their operations.”