Intra Multi-Des GA efficacy against Avian Influenza


Recently, outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza have been increasing all over the world. In January 2020 alone, cases of H5N8 influenza have caused outbreaks in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and caused the mortalities of about 13,000 birds. These outbreaks have been associated with indirect contact with wild birds and possibly infected fomites, vehicles or footwear.

Enhancing biosecurity measures and vaccination are crucial steps in preventing the spread of the disease and protecting the flock from the deadly and infectious disease. Vaccination against A.I. has proven to be effective when the exact virus strain and clade is known, but it has been known that influenza viruses are extremely variable and even minor changes in their genetic make-up can render a vaccination protocol ineffective. These viruses are also quick to evolve and change their structure very quickly. Therefore it is of utmost important to practice strict biosecurity measures. “One of the steps to strengthen biosecurity is to ensure adequate cleanliness and efficient disinfection.”
The Avian Influenza group of viruses are transmitted via faeces, saliva and any bodily fluids, therefore ensuring cleanliness by removing all organic fouling from the environment is essential. Intra Foam Cleaner is a powerful foam cleaner that not only adheres to surfaces well due to its excellent foaming properties, but also is a strong remover of protein, fat and dirt. Using Intra Foam Cleaner after the physical removal of all organic soiling such as faeces and sawdust can further ensure good farm cleanliness.

For disinfection, the investment into an effective, registered, tried and tested disinfectant is crucial in protecting the flock from A.I. Intra Multi-Des GA has been officially registered and tested against Avian Influenza viruses and therefore is recognized as one of the most powerful disinfectants on the market. Studies for registration by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as well as the Dutch and English relevant biocide authorities encompass strict environmental conditions for the testing of a disinfectant to ensure that the disinfectant is effective in all practical situations.

In cold, temperate climates, A.I. viruses can survive for months in infected material, therefore it is of utmost importance that a disinfectant can also be effective at low temperatures. Intra Multi-Des GA has been tested against Avian Influenza group viruses in several different efficacy tests and was found to be highly effective against the virus at temperatures even below 10°C and high soiling conditions.

Thus, Intra Multi-Des GA has been granted the approval to claim itself as a disinfectant that is effective against Avian Influenza viruses. Farmers can therefore trust that they are making a smart investment into a disinfectant that has been proven to be effective against the virus.

Report available upon request.