Petersime’s hatchery technology advances


Petersime’s hatchery technology allows an easy control of all incubation processes.

Peace of mind with Petersimes new Hatchery Alert System

Trustworthy, state-of-the-art and dummy-proof. These are only a few characteristics of Petersime’s new essential safety system for your hatchery: the Petersime Hatchery Alert System™. This new technology replaces the old Control Panel and brings along several extra features.
When one of your incubators goes in alarm mode without you being notified, you risk losing the complete capacity of the machine. Thanks to the combination of an alarm inside the hatchery and the possibility to connect it with your telephone, the Hatchery Alert System™ will make sure that not a single alarm will escape your attention. Even in case of a power or network failure, you will get a warning because of the separate cabling system and an independent power supply with battery backup.
The Hatchery Alert System™ is easy to operate, provides you with a status overview of up to 96 incubators and can be connected to external alarm signals (e.g. HVAC alarm) as well. Touchscreen technology and user identification make it a user-friendly system. All actions are logged and history files can be easily exported. We made sure it’s dust and waterproof so it fits perfectly in every hatchery room.

Your hatchery at your fingertips: introducing the Eagle Eye™ app

Maintaining a complete overview of the status of your incubators at any moment is of the utmost importance. But how can you react efficiently to sudden problems when you are outside the hatchery?
From now on, you can have a permanent overview of your incubators at your fingertips, as the Eagle Eye™ app technology is available for your smartphone or tablet. With the existing Eagle Eye™ software package, hatchery managers could already monitor and control their entire hatchery from one single Command Centre PC in the hatchery. The extension to a mobile app will make it easy to have access to the machine status and alarm overview when being outside the hatchery. The Eagle Eye™ app is available as from 2019 for iOS and Android devices.

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