VDL Agrotech, sensor for LED lighting now installed on all Valenta control pans


VDL Agrotech has developed a unique multi-voltage sensor with built-in LED light for the Valenta control feed pan. This multi-voltage sensor is suitable for both a 24V and 230V connection. The extra LED light is placed on the side of the sensor and is positioned in such a way that, when the sensor is used as the end sensor with our Valenta feed pans, a white light shines into the control pan.

From now on this new sensor is installed on all Valenta control pans.

Operation and benefits of the new end sensor:

  • White LED light turns on when feed is detected and turns off when no feed is detected;
  • White LED light shines on the feed, which stimulates the feed intake from the end pan, so that the feed lines are switched on more often;
  • White LED light prevents feed pans from being empty too long.

The new sensor is recognizable by the blue LED light on the back:

  • Blue LED light prevents broilers from pecking at the rear of the sensor;
  • Blue LED light is clearly visible to people, broilers hardly see the blue light.