Wadi Group hosts Poultry Academy for customers and employees


Wadi Group, the distributor of Ross® parent stock (PS) chicks in Egypt, recently offered its third Wadi Poultry Academy (WPA III) in Cairo. The Academy focused on best management practices to achieve the greatest performance, health and welfare from Ross broilers. While Wadi’s first two academies were dedicated to employees, this event welcomed more than 100 customers from broiler grower farms and integrators throughout Egypt, as well as a number of Wadi employees.

Building knowledge and relationships
During the four information-packed days, specialists from Aviagen®’s Ross Middle East and Africa (MEA) team and Wadi presented advice and led discussions on broiler management opportunities and challenges facing broiler growers today. Important tips for achieving optimum biosecurity, nutrition and feed efficiency, as well as the latest Ross performance and market trends, were covered.

Attendees and hosts also took time to enjoy various team-building activities as an opportunity to further exchange ideas and strengthen common bonds.

Commitment to education and customer success
According to Chief Poultry Sector at Wadi Group Puzant Dakessian, Ross broilers are currently leading in the Egyptian market for their great performance, as well as the economic benefits customers gain from features such as a favorable feed conversion rate.

“Despite the challenging local poultry market conditions, the Ross brand remains strong. Wadi stays loyal to its all-time mission of offering what’s new in the poultry industry to its esteemed customers to strengthen their success,” explains Puzant. “This year’s Wadi Academy participants benefited from the carefully selected and designed talks, which covered all aspects of broiler management. Customer feedback was amazing and encouraging. All have expressed their gratitude for the quality of the training and have asked for more similar events!”

Ibrahim Ibrahim, technical service manager for Ross MEA, says that Wadi and Aviagen share a commitment to providing quality education to enhance the productivity of their customers, and feel a thorough understanding of current industry developments and best practices is key to their success. “Wadi and Aviagen work hand-in-hand throughout the year for the benefit of Ross customers in Egypt, an important region in the MEA market. The Wadi Academy has proven to be a great forum for further connecting with growers and integrators, and we look forward to collaboration.”