Broiler breeders are calmer when fed twice a day

Broiler breeders which are fed twice a day display less foraging and pecking behaviour and more eating and resting behaviour. Furthermore, some birds even...

Effects of light intensity on broiler welfare, productivity and leg health

Researchers investigated the welfare implications of behavioural changes induced by varying light programs. Here the effects of light intensity on broiler welfare and productivity are reported.

Insights into hunger will aid poultry welfare

Brain processes controlling hunger in birds and poultry are to be examined, to better understand how stress experienced during development in the egg impacts...

Quick molt diets and programs

Induced molting is a process conducted by many commercial egg producers to extend the productive life of the laying hen. The main objective of...

Aviagen slower-growing breeds get seal of approval from key European welfare schemes

Europe is experiencing an increase in demand for slower-growing breeds. The momentum of this poultry market sector is likely to follow on an upward...

Evaluation of a novel slow-growing strain for chicken meat

The slow-growing broiler (SGB) strain offers an alternative chicken meat choice, while appealing to the ‘niche’ market and attracting a premium price. SGBs have...

Automated assessment of health and welfare in commercial broiler chicken flocks using optical flow

Assessing the health and welfare of growing broiler chickens is mainly done post mortem, using measures taken at the slaughter plant (% birds with...

Outdoor broilers behavioural time budgets

The demand for free-range chicken meat is increasing. Free-range products are usually perceived as more welfare friendly by consumers and particularly fulfil the belief that the ability to perform natural behaviour leads to better welfare.

The effect of electrolyte supplementation on behaviour and performance of broilers

The present experiment was designed to investigate the effects of electrolyte supplementation in alleviating the harmful effects of high temperature for one day prior...

Effects of early enrichment on range use in free-range laying hens

Free-range laying hen production systems are perceived to be preferable for hens’ ethological needs. However, not all hens use the range daily with some...

Vencomatic Group and Orbem announce a strategic partnership for in ovo sexing of poultry...

Vencomatic Group (VMG), a family-owned supplier of innovative solutions for the international poultry industry, and Orbem, a leading deep-tech imaging and AI technology company,...

Turkey breeder health, new welfare challenges and demands

The health of turkey breeders is critical to ensure the economic production of high quality fertile hatching eggs to produce poults which can be raised without antibiotics.

Raising broilers antibiotic-free

Best management practices are a key component in raising chicken without antibiotic with more attention to details of production and biosecurity.

Broiler management and feed formulation approaches in hot environments

High temperatures can be an obstacle in livestock production particularly in tropical regions. Broilers are more susceptible to high ambient temperatures because they lack...

New animal welfare labelling system

The conclusions of the animal welfare labelling subgroup of the Commission’s Animal Welfare Platform were released. Copa and Cogeca welcomes the main conclusions of...

Common global poultry welfare practices

A recent article by Hendrix Genetics detailed the creation and roll out of a structured poultry welfare program for all species offered by the breeding company. The...

New board research initiative grant focused on animal welfare

$110,000 in funding for a new research grant addressing animal welfare. The topic and request for proposal were selected by the USPOULTRY board of...

Gut health in poultry production: why, what and how

Gut health has become a dominant topic in the global poultry industry. But why did the topic emerge to become so important to the...

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