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SPACE 2017: the international showcase for the livestock industry

SPACE 2017 will be 30 years old this year, and strongly reflects the dynamics of its sector. The "Planet Livestock" will again mirror what...

Poultry Facts

Comparison of wheat and maize-based diets on growth performance and meat...

Maize and wheat are a major source of energy in broiler diets. Generally, wheat-based diets are offered to broiler chickens in Europe, Australia and...

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The Polish company Gospodarstwo Piotrkowo chooses SPECHT

In Piotrkowo, a small Polish town, some 130 km southeast of Gdansk, you will find one of the leading egg-producing companies of the country. The...


The cute-egg project

The cute-egg project is a study, which aims to quantify and improve the quality of the eggshell cuticle Commercial poultry production relies on the artificial...
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