Presence of Salmonella in Different Housing Systems

A significant proportion of human illnesses caused by Salmonella are linked to the consumption of contaminated eggs. In response, substantial government and private industry resources...

The coalition for a sustainable egg supply

The CSES is a multi-stakeholder group led by McDonald’s, Cargill, Michigan State University, University of California-Davis, and the American Humane Association, with the American Veterinary Medical Association, the USDA Agricultural Research Service, and the Environmental Defense Fund serving as advisors.

Embryonic restoration during prolonged storage

Focus on benefits of heat treatment to reduce embryonic mortality caused by prolonged storage in avian species. Current technology allows being more accurate and the process with consistent results irrespective of egg age, breed, size, egg weight or storage time of the loaded eggs.

Effects of different conditions of storage on egg components and blastodermal quality and high...

Egg quality is a general term that relates to various standards that are imposed on eggs. This quality usually embraces a range of quality...

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