Egg production in turkey breeding hens

Traditionally, the turkey industry focuses on meat production rather than egg production. However, each turkey poult that is raised from meat production originated from...

Breakthrough: stopping chick culling together!

In Germany alone, around 45 million male chicks from laying hen breeds are killed every year. Male chicks of these breeds do not lay...

Patterns and dynamics of the egg industry in India

Fast growth of India’s egg industry In 2016, India ranked in third place among the leading egg producing countries with a production volume of 4.56...

Survey of egg quality in commercially available table eggs

Increase demand in consumer choice and request for egg quality has resulted in a wide variety of egg selection available in the retail market Specialty...

DHA enriched eggs using microalgae in layer diets

Functional foods have become a hot topic in the food industry due to the push for healthier food products on supermarket shelves. According to...

How eggs can provide sustainable nutrition to fight world hunger

In a world where so many people, especially children, go hungry and suffer from malnutrition, we have good evidence to show that eggs can...

Too many clears? Break-out analysis needed!

Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist, Pas Reform Academy A hatchery’s objective is to hatch a chick from every egg that is set. However, losses...

Establishing true fertility in hatching eggs

If it comes to discussions on fertility two different definitions are practiced. A true fertile egg contains a well-developed germinal disc (blastoderm). This indicates...

Using egg breakouts to improve hatch and poult quality

Egg breakout or hatch residue analysis is one of the most powerful diagnostic tools in a hatchery. Breakouts can be used to aid troubleshooting,...

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Organic acids as feed additives: pros and cons

Organic acid salts are often included as feed additives in livestock nutrition as feed preservatives but also as growth promoters, intestinal microbiota enhancers, and...