Establishing true fertility in hatching eggs

If it comes to discussions on fertility two different definitions are practiced. A true fertile egg contains a well-developed germinal disc (blastoderm). This indicates...

New egg products hit the shelves in 2019

Eggs and egg products are tasty, versatile and packed with protein; qualities not lost on product formulators who used this ubiquitous ingredient in innovative...

DHA enriched eggs using microalgae in layer diets

Functional foods have become a hot topic in the food industry due to the push for healthier food products on supermarket shelves. According to...

Improving performance and egg quality in aging hens

Due to the world’s population increase, egg production is expected to develop rapidly and, to increase egg production, the goal is to enhance laying...

Survey of egg quality in commercially available table eggs

Increase demand in consumer choice and request for egg quality has resulted in a wide variety of egg selection available in the retail market Specialty...

Too many clears? Break-out analysis needed!

Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist, Pas Reform Academy A hatchery’s objective is to hatch a chick from every egg that is set. However, losses...

Nutrition experts hail eggs health benefits, as nations celebrate World Egg Day

The health benefits of eggs will be hailed across the globe on Friday 11th October 2019, as countries celebrate one of the original super...

Global Egg Nutrition expert group formed

The International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC) has announced the formation of the ‘Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group’ which will focus on developing, collating and...

World Egg Day 2022: Eggs for a better life

World Egg Day will be celebrated across the globe on Friday 14 October 2022. The annual event honours the highly nutritious and brilliantly versatile...

Breakthrough: stopping chick culling together!

In Germany alone, around 45 million male chicks from laying hen breeds are killed every year. Male chicks of these breeds do not lay...

How eggs can provide sustainable nutrition to fight world hunger

In a world where so many people, especially children, go hungry and suffer from malnutrition, we have good evidence to show that eggs can...

Shell Egg Academy announces 2022 schedule

The Shell Egg Academy (SEA) from Purdue University Extension is looking ahead to 2022 with optimism, after a very successful virtual event in June...

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Managing egg weight is important for farmers and can greatly vary depending on market demand. Obtaining an egg size in line with market demand...