AGRIVOL chooses Breedaza


AGRIVOL, a fifty-year-old company specializing in poultry breeding, have several turkey and breeder farms in Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona provinces and choosed Breedaza in their farms.

Mr Giorgio Forloni, CEO of the company, has recently met Mr Paolo Pandolfi, export manager of AZA INTERNATIONAL to discuss about the Breedaza, the innovative feeding system for layers and breeders conceived by AZA INTERNATIONAL and installed at Agrivol’s farm in Cignone (CR) Italy six years ago.

Mr. Forloni, why did you choose AZA INTERNATIONAL for your farms and why did you decide to buy the Breedaza?

I chose AZA, because I knew how serious this company was. In my opinion, the reliability of a company is the most important thing and comes even before the quality of their products.

We’ve been breeding poultry for more than 50 years and have been using their systems for many years now. I know that if any problem arises, AZA INTERNATIONAL is ready to fix it immediately, coming up with proper solutions according to my needs. This fast reaction is paramount for me, because I’ve to manage many farms during the day. We’ve been one of the first customers who have installed the Breedaza in Italy, believing in its technology and in the advantages that this product has immediately shown.

What are the advantages that you noticed in comparison with other feeding systems on the market?

Well, first of all there isn’t any kind of breaking and reliability is 100% with minimum maintenance. As you know, access to breeder farms must always be minimum, both for biosecurity reasons and in order not to stress the birds, as continuous access to this particular kind of farms for any kind of maintenance can negatively affect the performances of the birds.

Secondly, the speed of feed distribution, as well as the uniformity of the feed represent the winning points of this feeding system and, last but not least, roosters cannot access the linear trough feeder and immediately get used to eating from their feed pans.

Third, the chain with links turning inside the tube doesn’t demix the feed as happens in flat chain feeding systems. This means that all birds eat the same quality of feed.

From Left: Paolo Pa ndolfi , export manager of AZA International with Giorgio Forloni, CEO of Agrivol Breedaza

Could you explain briefly how your system works?

My building size is 150 X 14 m and contains approx. 15,000 breeders. The Breedaza ring is approx. 300 m long and works with one drive unit and one loading hopper that are installed at front of the farm and not in the middle. This is very practical to me. The tube in which the chain turns gets filled in approx. 4 minutes and the first distribution contains roughly half of the daily portion.

The whole feed is distributed and entirely eaten by the birds in approximately one hour and ten minutes. At the end of every meal, the linear trough feeder always remains clean and free from feed residues since there is no obstacle like happens for example inside flat chain feeding systems. Compared to the flat chain systems, the Breedaza is better performing, easier and faster to clean, but above all this linear feeder represents an important advantage for us, since it’s not made from metal which rusts, but with hi-resistance plastic material. If we have to build or renovate some farms of ours, we would definitely opt for your system, as it has given great satisfactions and no specific problem up to now.

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