DanLen JSC: 25 years on the Russian poultry market

General Director Alfiya Mukhamedshina and Chief Accountant of JSC DanLen Olga Boitsova with European partners

The Anniversary JSC DanLen seminar «Animal welfare and advanced technology in the industrial poultry and pig farming» was hold in St. Petersburg in November 2019. More than 80 directors and key specialists of Russian, Latvian, Kazakhstani and Uzbek enterprises came for the event.

Participants of the JSC DanLen Anniversary Seminar

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenoblptipseprom — Yurii Trusov — addressed the participants with a welcoming speech and briefly spoke about the history of JSC DanLen foundation.
General Director of the Russian Poultry Union, Galina Bobyleva presented a report on current trends in the formation of the meat and egg market in Russia. She highlighted an increase in the production of eggs by 1.3 times and poultry meat by 5.8 times since 2001, and also spoke about the strategy for the socio-economic development of the industry until 2024.

Speeches of Yurii Trusov and Galina Bobyleva

In the speech of the Executive Director of JSC Roskar Poultry Farm — Nikolai Miroshnichenko — special attention was paid to the innovative technologies applied at the enterprise.
The European partners of DanLen made informative presentations: Xavier Cherie (Dosatron, France), Sylvain Christen (Socorex, Switzerland), Dmitry Kozlov (IMV Technologies, France), Milan Veit (VEIT Electronics, Czech Republic), Carsten Rasmussen (SKOV A/S, Denmark), Henk Ruiken (Gasolec BV, Holland) and Filippo Bedin (Idrobase Group, Italy). Interesting reports were made by Tatijana Rozhdestvenskaya (SPE AVIVAC Ltd.) and Oleg Tatarchuk (KRKA PHARMA).
The General Director of DanLen Alfiya Mukhamedshina talked about effective technologies in the industrial poultry and pig farming, presenting the whole range of equipment supplied by the company.
Participants of the seminar showed great interest to the presentation of Galina Polyakova on the equipment applied for veterinary use and debeaking at JSC Roskar Poultry Farm. In the end of the speech she demonstrated a film about practical application of the supplied by DanLen equipment: medications Dosatron, syringes Socorex, autovaccinators ZOOTEC, debeakers Verschuuren and AG-2000, Mo-El electric traps, IDROBASE humidification system, sprayers Gloria, Desvac and Volpi, RENO high-pressure washers, bird scales BAT1 (VEIT), climate and feed sensors DOL Sensors (Skov), etc.
Key models of the equipment were presented in the show-room in order to let the participants easily get acquainted with them and even examine some as well as to consult with DanLen’s specialists on the issue of service and spare parts. New products were of great interest: the innovative dosatron D25AL5, Socorex ULTRA 1810 micro-range syringes and Socorex syringes with a fixed volume, as well as an aerosol device from IDROBASE: Elefantino Lavaggio model with a capacity of up to 1260 liters per hour.
Specialists of farms and companies discussed the main trends and prospects of the industry development and shared the experience of practical application of DanLen’s equipment during a round table held at the end of the business program.

For the second time the SOCOREX PHOTO CHALLENGE was hold for the best photo of syringes in use in two nominations: serious («Socorex in practice») and a comic one («Syringes and humor for better work»). Socorex Isba S.A. Executive Director Sylvain Christen personally awarded diplomas and prizes to the laureates and winners of the competition: Agrocomplex Oredezh, AlemVet LLP, Sverdlovsky PPR, poultry farms Volzhanin, Novo-Baryshevskaya, Sinyavinskaya and Reftinskaya and Poultry & Animal Technology company.
DanLen Anniversary seminar will be best remembered for highly topical business program that was devoted to the current issues and trends in the development of modern poultry and pig farming. A vivid addition to this event was a cultural program – a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg with a visit to the «Rigoletto» opera in the famous Hermitage Theater.
Team of Zootecnica International magazine congratulates DanLen with its 25th anniversary and wishes further success and prosperity!