Production Management School celebrates 55 years of educating future generations of poultry professionals

From left: 2018 Production Management School top achievers William Boutros, Cody Brown, Michelle Sadler, Chris Pistorius, Scott Fitzpatrick, Sarah Jackson and Juan Pablo Gil

On June 28, Aviagen wrapped up its 55th annual Production Management School, which began on June 3 at The Element at Bridgestreet in Huntsville, Ala., U.S.
This year’s school welcomed 34 customer students from 20 countries, including veterinarians, live production managers, hatchery specialists and many other poultry industry professionals. Students attended over 75 lectures, workshops and facility visits during their month of learning, collaboration and friendship building.

Curriculum chosen to ensure broiler and breeder management success
Led by more than 40 industry experts from Aviagen, academia, and other poultry industry specialists, the school offered the most advanced techniques and best practices in poultry production management. The School was designed to help Aviagen customer students learn to achieve the highest performance and best health and welfare with their broilers and breeders. Combining theory with discussions and hands-on activities, it enabled students to explore relevant topics such as poultry nutrition, veterinary science, hatchery operation and genetic selection. Another highlight of this year was a visit to the National Poultry Technology Center at Auburn University, where students saw the latest in poultry technology and learned about proper ventilation.

Rewarding achievement
We congratulate our 2018 high achievers, and were also impressed by the level of engagement and cooperative spirit of the students as a whole, which led to interesting questions and lively group discussions,” explained Production Management School Director Rudy Gil. “At Aviagen, we’re committed to the success of our valued customers, and our annual School is an important venue for sharing our latest information and expertise based on our extensive field trials and research and development efforts. Our goal is that students are able to apply the ideas and lessons learned to improve their businesses back home.”
The Huntsville School joins a complete portfolio of Aviagen schools, seminars and workshops held regularly throughout the world. Since the original school was founded in 1964 as the Arbor Acres® Production Management School, upward of 1,700 poultry professionals from 62 countries have successfully completed the program.