On farm trays: a smart idea?

Gerd de Lange, senior poultry specialist, Pas Reform AcademyOn farm trays are important. On breeder farms eggs are traditionally collected in paper or plastic...

The cute-egg project

The cute-egg project is a study, which aims to quantify and improve the quality of the eggshell cuticle Commercial poultry production relies on the artificial...

Body weight at point of lay and the ultra-structural properties of eggshells

Ultra-structural studies have demonstrated that the eggshell is comprised of morphological distinct calcified layers with the mammillary layer being the “foundation” of the eggshell....

Embryonic restoration during prolonged storage

Focus on benefits of heat treatment to reduce embryonic mortality caused by prolonged storage in avian species. Current technology allows being more accurate and the process with consistent results irrespective of egg age, breed, size, egg weight or storage time of the loaded eggs.

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