Visit AZA INTERNATIONAL at VIV Europe 2018 in Utrecht


The Aza International company was founded in the late ‘50s and has always been recognized as a leader in the production of equipment for the transportation and automatic distribution of livestock feed. At the VIV Europe 2018 Fair, which will be held in Utrecht from 20th to 22nd June, Aza International will exhibit on its stand (Hall 12, Stand E080) their new high-capacity conveyor systems and innovative range of linear feeders and hoppers. These high quality, competitively priced, products have been specifically designed to meet the needs of broilers, laying hens, breeding stock, cockerels, ducks and turkeys.
The heavy-duty conveyors capable of transporting up to 12 cu­bic meters/hour are available in chain link measuring 76 and 114 diameters. The stainless steel chain link conveyors and hoppers are all made with top quality materials. The curves and feed outlets are available in different shapes and materials de­pending on the type of feed that requires to be conveyed. They represent the ideal solution for all those customers who need to transport large quantities of feed from one or more loading points to one or more outlets. An example of where this type of application can be seen to be effective is in the cage sec­tor where there is a need to transport large quantities of feed quickly without the feed breaking up or crumbling as happens with spiral conveyor systems.

The MIXTA feeder, presented during the last edition of the SPACE fair in Rennes, is enjoying great success both in duck farms and also in countries such as France, Morocco and Al­geria, where poultry farmers alternate between growing cycles of chickens and of turkeys. Those who believed in this prod­uct and started using it, have appreciated its ease of use. It is completely automatic and allows all internal components to be easily washed and sanitised as compared to other products on the market. MIXTA is equipped with an anti-chick ring that pre­vents chicks in the early days of the growing cycle from entering the hopper which is very important, especially when used with turkeys. The transition to the adult phase occurs through the application of a secure collar which is simply assembled and dis-assembled without the aid of screws or tools.
The PRATIKA feeders for broilers is completely automatic and has been designed to guarantee optimal feed distribution. The hopper has a fully automatic system for adjusting the feed and for opening the pans to facilitate cleaning and sanitising. PRA- TIKA is now also available in a specific version for cages that has no parts jutting up above the feeding tube.

The DUO system for broilers has automatic regulation and is characterized by the fact it combines the feeding line with the watering line. This reduces bird movement and frees up space in the shed. Another advantage of the DUO system is that both the water and feed lines can be simultaneously lifted. The COMPACTA range is judged to be an ideal feeding system for turkey poults.
The BREEDAZA system is an innovative system for the con­trolled distribution of feed using linear trough feeders – a feeding system which is particularly suitable for flocks of breeders and laying hens housed either in cages or on the ground. Compared to flat-chain or spiral systems the BREEDAZA system works with a chain equipped with a plastic ring that runs inside the anti-stop tube. The system is installed above the plastic chan­nel and creates no obstacle so birds can comfortably eat and clean out all the feed in the line at the end of each feeding cycle. The BREEDAZA system guarantees a fast and homogeneous distribution of the feed along the entire line, greatly reducing the feeding time of the flock. At the end of the growing cycle the cleaning operations are simple and quick. It requires only one lifting unit and a single lifting point even for feeding lines of 300 meters’ length. With this type of feeding system, the loading silo can be positioned at the end rather than in the centre of the poultry shed. The BREEDAZA system is equipped with an ad­justable anti-rooster grill to allow separate sex feeding.

The SELF-DOSY feeder pan is another product that AZA INTERNATIONAL is presenting to its customers. This is a sturdy feeder, designed specifically for breeding males, which incorporates an innovative volumetric dispenser with centralized control, that allows management to change instant­ly, across the line, the amount of feed to be distributed to the feeding pans. The amount of feed to be distributed is calculat­ed according to the reproductive cycle of the males. With this system the operator no longer requires to use the various feed pre-weighing systems nor to raise the feeder line away from the birds during the feed filling phase. The SELF-DOSY feeder is very easy to clean and sanitise thanks to the removable bottom that allows for a complete cleaning of all the component parts. The MODULA is a feeder designed for turkeys right through from the day-old stage up to the maturity stage of heavy males. Ro­bust, easy to operate and available at a very competitive price.