Aviagen LLC Hatchery Director awarded “Honored worker of agriculture of Russian Federation”

Aviagen® LLC Russia Hatchery Director Anna Matveeva has earned the esteemed title of “Honoured Worker of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.” Signed by President...

Poultry Business Forum in Serbia

Aviagen® Kft demonstrated its commitment to the Serbian poultry industry at the recent Poultry Business Forum. More than 180 guests from various parts of the...

A new integrated hatchery project for Kazakhstan’s Makinskaya

Kazakhstan’s Makinskaya Poultry Farm is expanding with a major new greenfield hatchery equipped with SmartPro™ integrated poultry solutions from Pas Reform. The technologically advanced...

Poultry feed production and issues in Turkey

The Turkish poultry sector is rapidly expanding with a constant increase in request of feed and feed additives.

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Revolutionizing livestock farming: Introducing VUELA | Always in control

In a world where the quality of indoor air is becoming increasingly important, TPI-Polytechniek is proud to introduce VUELA, an innovative ventilation inlet, designed...