Aviagen LLC Hatchery Director awarded “Honored worker of agriculture of Russian Federation”

Aviagen® LLC Russia Hatchery Director Anna Matveeva has earned the esteemed title of “Honoured Worker of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.” Signed by President...

Poultry feed production and issues in Turkey

The Turkish poultry sector is rapidly expanding with a constant increase in request of feed and feed additives.

A new integrated hatchery project for Kazakhstan’s Makinskaya

Kazakhstan’s Makinskaya Poultry Farm is expanding with a major new greenfield hatchery equipped with SmartPro™ integrated poultry solutions from Pas Reform. The technologically advanced...

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Frontiers in human and veterinary antibody discovery

The Pirbright Institute hosted the inaugural Comparative Veterinary Immunology Group (CVIG) meeting Frontiers in Human and Veterinary Antibody discovery on 26 and 27 November,...