Lomar: LED lighting for poultry farming


The Lomar Srl Company was founded in Brescia in 1983 and has always designed and produced everything it sells. In 1999 it gambled on the future of LED lighting and since 2006, on LED lighting designed for poultry environments.

To develop its products, Lomar made full use of their collaboration with poultry companies who, in addition to listing their needs and recommending excellent solutions, field tested the reliability of the equipment and noted the contribution it made to the profitability of their business.

Continuous evolution and improvement in technology and product range
Since the outset there has been continuous evolution and because the technology is in constant movement there still is innovation. The need is not just to illuminate, but one has to have the right light at the lowest possible operating cost. In other words distributing light to where it is needed in order to obtain the greatest possible uniformity, which is indispensable common sense. With only two parameters to consider it might seem like an easy task but that is not the case: correctly illuminating poultry farms is certainly very difficult to achieve because of the ambient heat in the buildings.
This environment, is in all respects, an enemy of the desired illumination because first of all it develops heat proportionally (heat is the enemy of the LED) and therefore, based on the calculated value of the heat developed during energy conversion, it is necessary to provide a structure capable of dissipating and maintaining the LED and electronic components at an optimum operational temperature.

Excellent quality of the construction materials
The bodies of the Lomar illuminators are all made of aluminum and their shape and size are manufactured using special thermal simulation software, which offer certain assurances to their customers’ engineers.
Regarding the uniformity of the light, Lomar has developed different types of lenses mounted individually on each LED. The choice of which to use and the positioning is always evaluated with the help of information technology in order to optimize the emission of the light beam regardless of the height of installation and the dimensions of the building to be illuminated.

To reduce installation costs to a minimum, Lomar has developed a rapid wiring system called FCL (Fast Connect LED), a design solution that includes a connection cable onto which, in just a few seconds and with the aid of a screwdriver, the lamps can be connected to the desired position, thus eliminating the costs of traditional plant engineering.

The dimensions of the product are a discriminating factor requiring to be assessed during the design of lighting for a poultry environment since, having small dimensions helps to avoid deposits of dirt, but it is a feature that, as you can easily guess, is inversely proportional to the dissipation capacity.
The system also includes a control unit that, powered at 230 Vac and connected to a clock or another control unit in the building, will be able to promptly manage the ignition, shutdown and circadian cycle of the system, with the precision made available by the PWM technology.

Protection against water and corrosion
The last, but certainly not least, is a quality that a poultry illuminator must possess, it is their seal against water and corrosive agents. The aluminum lamp structure with 20 μ (micron) of anodization, the resin coating of all its electrical parts and the insulating function of the connection cable give the Lomar products a degree of water protection IP69 K, which for the customer means they have the possibility of washing the system with jets of water up to 100 bar of pressure and 100 ° C of temperature and, as such giving Lomar, the serenity of being able to offer a guarantee of 5 years, without any limitation related to the normal operation in a poultry environment.