Interview with Denis Kan, President of Jamesway Incubator Company

Denis Kan, President of Jamesway Incubator Company

Jamesway has a solid reputation worldwide with offices in North America, Russia, and Asia and production facilities in Canada and China and serves 1,800 customers in over 150 countries. They provide equipment to 17 of the top 20 North American poultry organizations and 12 of the top 20 International poultry companies.
We have recently interviewed Denis Kan, President of Jamesway, asking his view on future trends of the poultry sector on a global level and company goals in the next years.

Please outline a summary of the story of Jamesway from the years where the company’s beginnings date back.
“Jamesway has a long history, dating back to 1912. The original James Manufacturing Company was located in Fort Atkinson, WI, USA, when Mr. W.D. James created some of the first farming and agricultural products, developing the first incubator in the 1920’s. His motivation was to make farming easier, a concept that is still part of the ‘worry free’ mantra of Jamesway today. By the 1930’s, the company was exporting poultry products around the world and soon after WWII the company spun off the Poultry Incubation products into Jamesway Incubator. With innovative product development, the company established a strong global brand, while moving to Canada in the 70’s. Their product offer ranges from the most dependable multi-stage machines through to the Platinum 2.0 single-stage, which has become one of the most reliable and energy efficient machines on the market.
Today, Jamesway is one of the top three brands worldwide in Poultry Incubation, has a customer base reaching into every corner of the world and is known for well performing and reliable products. In 2018, the company started a major restructuring and focussing on quality of manufacturing, updating the product line and expanding international sales and service in order to increase global competitiveness and become one of the top two Poultry Incubation companies globally.”

Reducing the use of antibiotics is today one of the main goals for the poultry sector. Considering any result would be closely related to the chick and pout qualities, what are your systems crucial traits throughout the various phases of incubation and chick handling?
“Jamesway is proud to offer the best machine for a hatchery that is concerned about reduction of antibiotics and chemicals in their processes. Our machines have fantastic cleaning abilities since our removable ECU and fans enable us to completely empty the machine which makes disinfecting and cleaning very easy. Also, our machine design does not require venting through the roof, so it is possible to completely seal the machine, further reducing the opportunity for contamination.
In the end, the chick that does not need antibiotics is the healthiest chick right from the time the egg pips. Our machines consistently produce the highest quality, platinum chick which is a chick with the best natural immunities.”

Looking ahead. Is it possible to know which direction your research is projected on, according to the various needs of the international market?
“Jamesway has always focused on delivering machines which give our customers peace of mind. Our equipment is easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain. This platform has been a solid position for us in the past and we see it continuing into the future. Our biggest plans are to continue to develop markets, to make solid and dependable machines. Our mission is “to provide the Poultry Industry with peace of mind that their hatcheries are Worry Free now and in the future. We also add to that, the vision of providing affordable protein to the developing markets today and tomorrow.”

Which are your main goals after your management change?
“My goals remain tightly in line with those of the company. I want to empower Jamesway to be able to deliver on its promise of a worry free hatchery. Being part of the industry that is committed to feeding the world is a responsibility that I take very seriously, and my vision is for Jamesway to continue on in that tradition. I am very excited to have two new machines to promote in our upcoming year: a compact version of our famous Platinum 2.0 single-stage capable of hatching 10,600 eggs, and the XCM, a single-stage replacement machine for CM fixed rack multi-stage. We will be at IPPE with both machines and I encourage everyone to drop by.”