AZA INTERNATIONAL, more than 50 years of service into the modern animal husbandry


 AZA INTERNATIONAL, a leading company in Italy and abroad in the manufacturing of feeding systems for livestock farms, has gained a long experience in this field. The company’s strategy has always been based on innovation, quality and service and it has received several national and international awards for its specialization and excellent products.
AZA INTERNATIONAL is a dynamic Italian company founded in the late fifties as a factory manufacturing feeding systems for the automatic distribution of animal feeds. The company story runs parallel with that of animal husbandry.AZA INTERNATIONAL innovations and products have marked, all over the world, the fundamental moments of evolution in the field of animal husbandry.
Several international and national rewards have confirmed the company success.
The historical patent proves how Mr Camillo Pirovano, chairman of AZA INTERNATIONAL, invented the innovative cable feeding system in 1961. The cable feeding system confirms the success of one revolutionary product that has encouraged the development of a modern animal husbandry. AZA INTERNATIONAL designs and manufactures all its products using the most innovative and last generation machines.

By continued development in design and components, by enlarging its range and thanks to assistance and service network able, which is able to supply spares parts to products that are more than 40 years old, AZA INTERNATIONAL remains one of the leading manufacturers of livestock feeding equipment in the world. The company is synonymous of excellent quality with a wide choice of innovative designs of livestock feed conveyors. At AZA INTERNATIONAL, they have always focussed their attention on the changeable market needs and the company will shortly introduce a brand new range of products for the poultry sector.
The absolute innovation the company is being introducing at the FierAvicola show of Forli will be the new range of our high capacity conveyors available for tubing Ø 114, whose hourly capacity can reach 15 cubic metres/hour. They are manufactured from stainless steel and high resistance plastics to guarantee competitive and reliable products.
These systems are suitable for the loading of the cages or for the transportation of huge quantities of feed. They represent once more the long experience that AZA INTERNATIONAL has gained also in the industrial sector with the transportation of granules and powders where systems are made fully on demand and can reach the hourly capacity of 60 cubic metres/hour.

Considering the latest innovations introduced by the company and required by the market, AZA INTERNATIONAL focused its attention on the new MIXTA and PRATIKA feed pans suitable for broilers and turkeys which are considered as the most innovative and technological in the market.
For layers and breeders the best choice still remains the BREEDAZA linear trough feeding system and the newest SELF-DOSY specifically designed for roosters, which allows immediate and controlled distribution of the feed in all the pans avoiding the installation of expensive weighing machines, cells or any other complicated device.
The future of AZA INTERNATIONAL is built on continuous engagement of sharing 50 years of lasting success in the livestock sector with all our customers and users.

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