Poultry is king of proteins in IPC outlook

Poultry is positioned to become the world’s most consumed meat protein in 2019 as African swine fever spreads in pig herds across China. As the...

The advantages of Aza International’s Pratika feed pan for broilers

Company Alfama based in Burgos, Spain, is one of the Spanish dealers of AZA International leader in pig, poultry and cattle feeding systems. Mr...

Mediterranean poultry sector outlook in the global market

Poultry sector gained in 2017 the leading position in the world meat sector surpassing for the first-time pig meat production. This position is expected...

BRICS expansion: what does this mean for the poultry industry?

At their meeting this year in August in South Africa, the current five BRICS member countries decided to admit six more countries on January...

Worry-free hatcheries now and in the future

Interview with Mr. Victor Chaux, Marketing Specialist at Jamesway Chick Master Incubator Inc. Jamesway began designing and manufacturing incubation systems and hatchery equipment in 1890....

IEC’s conference highlighted the latest trends of the egg industry

For the second time Monte Carlo proved to be a fantastic conference destination and a big hit with IEC’s members old and new to...

Moba celebrates 75 years of innovations at VIV Europe

This year Moba celebrated 75 years of activity and the Utrecht fair was an opportunity to exhibit their latest innovations. Zootecnica International met with...

Ovostella chooses Eurosilos Sirp fiberglass silos

The Ovostella agricultural company of Ghedi (BS) is a historic user of Eurosilos Sirp fiberglass silos. We interviewed the owner, Domenico Varini , to...

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Improving performance and egg quality in aging hens

Due to the world’s population increase, egg production is expected to develop rapidly and, to increase egg production, the goal is to enhance laying...