EU poultry meat production and trade

In 2015, the 28 member countries of the EU shared 6.8% in the global population but contributed 15.7 % to global meat production and...

EU: Traditional markets using coloured chickens

Besides recent developments seen in the highly developed countries with slower growing (white) chickens grown up to about 7 weeks of age - filling...

The EU egg industry

In 2015, the 507 million inhabitants of the 28 EU member countries shared 6.8 % in the global population. The efficiency of the EU...

Label Rouge: a supply chain model for other markets

The brand name Label Rouge identifies a product that is reared in a typically French production system. The origins of the Label Rouge brand...

Poultry meat and egg production in Brazil – First Part

Brazil is one of the leading countries in the global poultry industry, not only in production, but also in trade with poultry products. In...

The poultry industry of the United Kingdom in transition

On June 23rd, 2016, the population of the United Kingdom (UK) decided to leave the EU. Even though it is not yet possible to...

The future of the European poultry market

Focusing on quality, safety and sustainability, the European poultry production has been able to answer to demands from the society and consumers.

Avian Influenza outbreaks in Iowa layer farms and their economic impacts

Between December 2014 and June 2015, 223 outbreaks of the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (AI) virus in commercial and backyard flocks occurred in 15 states of the USA. In this article a time-spatial analysis of the outbreaks in Iowa is presented, documenting the problems in euthanizing and depopulating the affected farms as well as in depositing the carcasses

Spatial shifts in global chicken meat production between 1993 and 2013

There are hardly any studies which deal with the role of the less developed and newly industrialised countries in global meat production. In this article the Author investigates the spatial shifts in chicken meat production.

Improving customer service and the use of technology to stay competitive in the food...

The need to grow and keep customers is dominating the agenda of consumer and retail executives around the world. Thirty-three percent of the 526 consumer...

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Improving performance and egg quality in aging hens

Due to the world’s population increase, egg production is expected to develop rapidly and, to increase egg production, the goal is to enhance laying...