How can the poultry industry fight global warming while improving its bottom line?

Global warming has become one of the most discussed topics in the last decade. Greta Thunberg, an almost unknown Swedish girl, became an international...

Practical views on global poultry nutrition – Second part

The demand for poultry meat will increase because of population growth and changing socio- economic factors. Resources will become constrained and changing consumer perceptions...

Practical views on global poultry nutrition – First part

The global supply of poultry products will need to double by 2050 if we are to meet the aspiration of all people to be...

The core technology for the sustainability of animal production, environment and green energy

Among various technologies for sustainability in animal production, anaerobic digestion or biogas technology is recognized for its multiple functions and benefits. It breaks down...

Reducing the environmental impact of egg production via breeding and alternative diet

Egg production has an important role in the global production of food. For decades, we have successfully selected laying hens that efficiently produce animal...

EU grains, oilseeds and feed value chain partners for a sustainable production

EU grain and oilseed trade, crushing and feed industry sectors represented by COCERAL, FEDIOL and FEFAC welcomed the European Commission Communication on Stepping up...

Innovation is the key for sustainability

Today it is important innovation, and it is the main way to sustainability. Here, we introduce René and Jolanda van Doren who have together...

Solar energy ensures cost-efficiency

Solar energy radiation means revenues – at least for farmers who have successfully harnessed renewable energies. However, with the latest amendment to the Renewable...

Peak food and our quest for an ethical and ecologically sustainable production

Crude analyses of sustainable global resource use suggest that the peak rate year for commercial poultry production was reached in 2006 while projections indicate...

In Observance of Earth Day USPOULTRY highlights poultry and egg farm and poultry facilities...

In observance of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association  highlighted two videos from its series emphasizing environmental stewardship on...

A more sustainable poultry production

Researchers must find other approaches to food production and processing - and in particular for poultry production - using new technologies in conjunction with...

BBSRC launch the Agriculture and Food Security Strategic Framework

The new framework identifies the key research and innovation priorities of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. The new BBSRC’s Agriculture and Food Security...

ProHealth, new solutions for animal health and production sustainability

The ProHealth project is focused on understanding the multi-factorial dimension of animal pathologies linked to production and use this to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective control strategies to reduce impact.

The trifecta for a sustainable production

To meet the needs of an additional three billion people over the next 35 years and to prevent further escalation of global poverty, agricultural production must double during this time. In meeting the increased demand for food, the interdependence between water, food and energy will become more evident and highlight resource insecurities.

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BRICS expansion: what does this mean for the poultry industry?

At their meeting this year in August in South Africa, the current five BRICS member countries decided to admit six more countries on January...