Incubated Worlds, a new poultry facility exploring genetic diversity

Incubated Worlds is a new advanced poultry research and breeding facility in Ethiopia. The facility, which has been inaugurated on 26 April, is a...

Animal farming and rural development in Africa

In Africa, investing in rural development, farming and agriculture will offer rural youth an alternative to migration. FAO Director-General highlights the importance of focusing on...

Eliciting preferences for attributes of Newcastle disease vaccination programmes for village poultry in Ethiopia

Newcastle disease (NCD) is an important disease of poultry, directly affecting the livelihoods of poor farmers across developing countries. Research has identified promising innovations...

The poultry sector in Kenya

The poultry industry in Kenya is constantly expanding with a high demand for chicken meat and eggs.

Modern poultry industry is taking shape in Africa

Africa is ready to take its place on the world stage, as the poultry industry is evolving, from a national and regional basis to a more global platform, according to RaboResearch’s latest report ‘Time for Africa: capturing the African Poultry Investment Opportunity’.

The threat from African & Middle Eastern Infectious Bronchitis viruses

Infectious Bronchitis is primarily a respiratory disease of chickens caused by the Type Three coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus. IB viruses cause important losses in egg...

South Africa poultry imports dip on new tariffs

South Africa’s imports of poultry products have been on the decline since 2019 as the country reviewed its import tariffs upwards and enforced the...

Cobb and RCL Foods delivering top level training in South Africa

Plans to develop RCL Foods’ own Agriculture Academy in South Africa were announced by Dr Sanjay Maharaj, the company’s technical executive for agriculture, at...

Outlook of Nigeria’s poultry feed market

Nigeria's poultry industry could be headed for improved performance after the government announced measures meant to boost domestic egg and poultry meat production as...

Sedima – A modern greenfield project with a high level of automation in Senegal

With its large integrated poultry enterprise, the long established Senegalese company Sedima is well-known for its modern and ambitious approach to the business. It...

Do vaccination interventions have effects?

A study on how poultry vaccination interventions can change smallholder farmer knowledge, attitudes, and practice in villages in Kenya and Tanzania has been completed...

Update on Waters of the US (WOTUS) Regulatory Policy

A quick search on the internet reveals the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed roughly 2,800 new regulations since 2009 when the current administration...

Avian Influenza jolts East Africa poultry trade

Kenya has announced plans to lift the January 2017 ban on poultry and poultry products from its landlocked neighbor, Uganda, where the Avian Influenza...

Poultry production in the Democratic Republic of Congo

On request of Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Netherlands Embassy in Kinshasa, Wageningen Livestock Research conducted a study on the development of the poultry...

Sustainable chicken farming in Ethiopia

Village chicken farming is ubiquitous in smallholder systems, contributing to household, local and national economies under diverse environmental, economic and cultural settings. However, they...

Introduction of the Kuroiler poultry breed in East Africa

The introduction of the Kuroiler poultry breed from India in East Africa is not only changing fortunes for many farmers in the region, but...

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