Isolation, bioactivity and applications of sulfated polysaccharides from poultry by-products

The broiler chicken meat processing industry produces a large amount of poultry byproducts rich in connective tissue (i.e. keel cartilage, skin, and bone residues),...

Addressing oxidative rancidity in turkey meat: an update

The mechanism to explain why vitamin E deposits poorly into turkey muscle is not clearly understood. Research to better understand the mechanism of poor vitamin E accumulation in turkey muscle may lead to strategies to better incorporate vitamin E into muscle, thereby decreasing lipid oxidation during storage.

Meyn quality slaughtering

MEYN is the reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 90 countries worldwide, with people having the right professional skills...

Water holding capacity in poultry breast meat

Water holding capacity (WHC) is defined as the ability of meat to hold its inherent and added moisture during fabrication, processing, and storage.

Taking portioning to a new era, Marel I-Cut 122 dual-lane high-speed portion cutter for...

I-Cut 122 Portion Cutter by Marel combines the highest levels of accuracy, throughput and reliability with new, innovative software. The dual-lane I-Cut 122 has...

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“Il Fiore delle Dolomiti”: organic eggs produced using SKA equipment

Mountain organic eggs from hens grown according to the principles of the 5 H Club. Respecting the animal, the environment and the health of...