Water holding capacity in poultry breast meat

Water holding capacity (WHC) is defined as the ability of meat to hold its inherent and added moisture during fabrication, processing, and storage.

Addressing oxidative rancidity in turkey meat: an update

The mechanism to explain why vitamin E deposits poorly into turkey muscle is not clearly understood. Research to better understand the mechanism of poor vitamin E accumulation in turkey muscle may lead to strategies to better incorporate vitamin E into muscle, thereby decreasing lipid oxidation during storage.

Fatty acid composition of breast and thigh meat from light and heavy broilers

Determining the effects of broiler slaughter weight on fatty acid content might be beneficial to practical applications to produce broiler meat with the quality requested by consumers.

2017 Poultry Processor Workshop

“Clean labels are a macro trend. There are a couple of micro trends that fall under the umbrella of clean eating. One current and...

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Ability to detect Salmonella vs. “Salmonella-Free”

Poultry are sampled often for Salmonella during growout on the farm and throughout the processing plant. While on farm sampling is not currently a...

Meyn quality slaughtering